the cobley family history
thanks image
adobe inc.
joan allum (canada)
apple computers
kaye batchelor (earl shilton, leics. cobleys)
katrina bartlett
(nee cobley. in Nz - go-between)
wendy bowland (australia)
richard bond
mark brown (yorkshire)
chester county record office
jean chapman (nee cobley - leicestershire)
andy, bob & diane cobley (walton, leicestershire)
andy cobley (higham ferrers, northants)
ann cobley (hinckley, leicestershire)
clifford cobley (kimcote, leicestershire)
dorothy cobley (cheshire)
garth cobley (cheshire + wales)
gerald cobley (wales)
ivan cobley (cheshire)
roger cobley (cheshire)
roger cobley (westward ho!, devon)
susan cobley (cheshire)
philomena cobley (australia)
dave collins (bimingham, england)
sharon dunn
(mkt. harborough, leicestershire, R.O.)
june fleetwood (fleckney, leicestershire)
barbara (nee cobley) and david fullelove
mark gamble
peter gamble
the goodwin's (the royals, cheshire)
barry & rita hall (husbands boswortth - leics)

gretchen harris (canada)
lorna hawkins (australia)
stuart jackson (cheshire)
tom & pat krivak (pennsylvania, usa)
david lee (australia)
hazel lockhart (uncle tom cobley - england)
local studies unit
(manchester central library -england)
michael & amanda lord (leicester)
brian law (leicestershire)
iris mc canna (france)
brenda mair (nee cobley) cheshire
annie marland (for help with transport)
john meads (burton latimer, northants info)
dennis miner (bottrill info - canada)
tony mitchell (geddington, northants info)
rhian moulds (wales)
john mountford (england)
joyce neely (cobleys - usa)
sherry nesbit
(leicestershire record office)
diane (nee cobley) and roy osborne
(lancashire & cheshire)
jack parker (cheshire)
rosemary peeler (australia)
andreas sarker (dunton bassett, leicestershire)
sonia w addis-smith
(for help, encouragement and inspiration - bedfordshire)
david taylor (font of all genealogical knowledge)
mardi waring (australia)
joanna webster (nee cobley)

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