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Annie Mountford married John james Cobley - Coachman, (originally from Lecicestershire) at Aston by Newhall, Cheshire in 1898.

Royals Cottage at The Royals (farm), Aston in Cheshire was home to the Mountfords for over a hundred years. On the 1881 census there were 6 Mountfords and a nephew, Joseph Parker, living in a cottage on the farm in just three rooms!

The Royals is of great age and was originally part of Combermere Abbey which had been founded in the middle ages. Sir George Cotton who bought the land after the dissolution of the monastaries was the esquire to King Henry VIII and it is said that the King used the Royals as his Hunting Lodge when visiting the area. It is quite likely that Royals Cottage would have formed part of that building.

The Royals is still farmed and remains much as it was in the 1880's and it has been in the same family hands for most of the last century.

The last Mountford at the Royals died in the 1970's having spent their whole life living on the farm.

The Cottage as can be seen from the photographs is now derelict and abandoned.

1881 Census
Newhall in Nantwich
The Royals Cottage

Mountford, Thomas, head, 30
Agricultural Labourer
Mountford, Mary, wife, 31
Mountford, Elizabeth, daughter, 9
Mountford, Ann, daughter, 6
Scholar - see John James Cobley
Mountford, Sarah J, daughter, 3
Mountford, Charles, son, 1
Parker, Joseph, nephew, 14
Agricultural Labourer

From The Doomsday Book 1086

Dot held it: he a free man. 1 hide paying tax. Land for 2 Ploughs.
In Lordship 1; 2 ploughman. 2 villagers and 3 smallholders have the other plough.
Woodland 1 league long and as wide.
Value before 1066, 10s;
now 5s; found waste

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Post Office Directory 1878

Newhall (with the villages of Aston, Aston Heath, Dodd's Green, and a part of the village of Burley Dam) is an extensive township in the parishes of Wrenbury and Audlem, but mostly in the former, to which the inhabitants pay poor rates; it is 3 miles south from Nantwich and 1 south-east from Wrenbury railway station. Viscount Combermere is lord of the manor and principal landowner. The charities of Newhall are £2 7s 6d. yearly. At Aston and Dodd's Green are chapels for Wesleyan Methodists. The area is 4, 033 statuate acres; rateable value £6, 411; the population in 1871 was 873.

Post & Money Order Office & Savings Bank, Aston - Henry Manley, receiver. Letters through Nantwich arrive at 7.30 a.m; dispatched at 6.15 p.m on week days only.

Insurance Agent:- Royal, County & UK Alliance, Henry Manley, Aston

Broady William, Newbridge house
Lea Miss
Page Richard p. Cross house
Shaw Solomon, Sanford cottage


Archer Miss
Hill Capt. Clement D.
Aston cottage
Manley John

Borton Hannah (Mrs),
coal merchant & pottery manufacturer
Cartilidge William, tailor
George Sarah (Mrs)
Bhurtpoore Inn, & farmer
Jones Ralph, house decorator
Manley Henry,
Auctioneer & commission agent &c.
Manley James H, pump maker
Nevett Samuel, farmer
Shore James, farmer
Sumner Samuel, shopkeeper
Aston Heath

Shaw William, sen
Evans Thomas, farmer
Lee William, cooper
Manley James, wheelwright
Warburton Ralph, farmer

Dodd's Green
Millington Joseph, farmer
Oakes John, jun. farmer
Smith William, farmer