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Post Office Directory 1876

Cotes-de-Val is a hamlet of one farm, 10 people and 313 acres.

Saunders William, farmer,
Cotes de Val

Census : 1881 : Cotes de Val, Gilmorton

William E Sanders, Farmer; Mary Sanders, Wife; Mary Sanders, Daughter;
Laura Green, Visitor; Edward E Green, Visitor; Martha ?, General Servant; George Cross, Farm Servant.

William Cobley, Shepherd; Maria Cobley, Wife; William Cobley, Son; Thomas Cobley, Son; Charles Cobley, Son; Mary Cobley, Daughter, Emma Cobley, Daughter, aged 1 month.

Census : 1891 : Cotes de Val, Gilmorton

Henry Osborne, Farmer & Waggoner; Catherine Osborne, Wife; Mary Osborne, Daughter, Dressmaker;

William Cobley, Shepherd; Maria Cobley, Wife, Stocking Knitter; William Cobley, Agricultural Labourer; Thomas Cobley, Agricultural Labourer; Emma Cobley, Daughter; Ernest Cobley, Son.

First mentioned in the Doomsday Book of 1086, and probably predating the Norman Conquest, Cotes de Val has changed little over the past 900 years.

At some point in its history a moat was added possibly for the defence of the main buildings.

Home to the Cobleys for a number of years in the 1800's, Cotes de Val remains a quiet back water which is hidden away from the world.

The farm remains very much "a working farm" and its appearance has changed much over the centuries.

A very curious place!

From the Doomsday Book 1086

Land of the Bishop of Lincoln in Guthlaxton Wapentake

Robert holds 1 c. of land in COTES (de Val) from the Bishop.
2 ploughs possible. They are there, with 4 Freemen.
The value was 20d; now 10s