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St. Margaret's, Wrenbury, Cheshire

A church is first mentioned in the early part of the 12th century as being run by the monks at Combermere Abbey.The present building was errected about 1500 with stone from the nearby Bickerton hills.

Every generation has left its mark on the building. It still has 17th century box pews. The crests on the pew doors are those of the landlords. It appears that a seat in the church went with the tenancy of a particular farm. So that if a family moved to a different farm in the parish they also had to move pews!

One unusal feature is the Whipper's Pew just by the door. It was the seat of the dog whipper, who was not there to keep dogs out, but to keep in order those that were in!' For this he was paid five shillings a year, and received a coat and hat from the parish too.
wrenbury, st margaret's
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Earliest Mountford event:
William Mountford
married Ann Wilcocks, 14 October 1804

Last Mountford event:
John Robert (Jack) Mountford
16 December 1973

Earliest Parker event:
Joseph Parker baptised 11 June 1837
photo: mark cobley