the cobley family history
aston, st. andrew's
St. Andrew's, Aston, Cheshire

The present chapel, built in 1866 was to replace a former building on the same site.

In 1908 a balcony was added by the Spibey family of Waverton, but only the staircase and apse now remain, since the chapel was renovated in 1986, when an upper room was added.

Opposite the chapel is the graveyard, where a Lychgate was errected in 1919, "In memory of the fallen heros of the Great War 1914-1918.

Memorable for being the church in which John James Cobley married Annie Mountford and from where the Cobley's began life in Cheshire
aston, st. andrews
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Earliest Cobley event:
John James Cobley
married Annie Mountford, 26 July 1898
photo: mark cobley